Is a lightweight cotton fabric that is often confused with batiste. Cambric cotton fabric is a very fine, faultless plain weave resulting in a smooth and crisp fabric. Cambric cotton fabric is a very fine, faultless plain weave resulting in a smooth and crisp fabric.  It was originally made from linen and is used in shirts, dresses and other garments which need fabric that is soft and strong.


Chambray is a lightweight cotton fabric constructed with a plain weave. It is often striped or checked and is used in shirts, dresses and pants.


Cotton canvas fabric is a sturdy fabric made from cotton fibre and is often used for making bags, tents, sails, and other heavy-duty items. Cotton canvas is made from tightly woven cotton threads, which makes it durable and resistant to tearing. It can also be dyed or painted easily.                                                                                                  


Calico is an unbleached cotton fabric which is sturdy (or structured) and has a dull finish. It’s often used for making test garments – toiles or muslins – but is also used for making bags, aprons, and other utilitarian items.                                                              


The rough, sturdy twill weave that’s usually used for jeans. It’s interesting to take a close look inside blue jeans; you’ll usually find white stitches alternating with blue. This is because the warp threads are dyed blue, but the weft threads, which only appear on the inside of denim, are usually left white.


A soft, slightly fuzzy fabric with a bit of weight to it. It’s often used for casual shirts and cuddly Pyjamas. As with many kinds of cotton fabric, flannel can also be made from other materials, such as wool.


Gingham is a medium to lightweight plain weave fabric made in cotton with a defining check pattern. It is usually made with white and another color to create the check design. It is typically woven in either blue and white or red and white, but as more people have developed an interest in sewing their own clothing, gingham has been created in a variety of colors.


Muslin is a very lightweight and loosely woven fabric. It is available in different weights and it often considered to be a crisp and stiff fabric. Many people use it for making up their test garments.

Brushed Cotton;

Brushed cotton is sometimes referred to as flannel or flannelette. It is a medium-weight cotton fabric that has surface fibers that are brushed on one side of the material which gives it hey very soft and warm look and feel.

Terry Cloth;

It is made from cotton and being super absorbent it is traditionally used for bath robes though more people are using this fabric type for casual items like shorts for the beach.

Cotton Twill;

There are many fabrics that are created from a cotton twill weave fabric, including some linen fabrics, denim, chino, and gabardine. It is used in making pants, T-shirts, and much more. Cotton twill is also used in creating some types of upholstery fabric since it is so durable.


Oxford cloth is a medium-weight shirting fabric made by plain weaving blue and white threads together. This type of fabric creates sturdy button-down T- shirts that often have a stylized plain white collar and cuffs.


Lawn is another type of cotton cloth that uses a plain weave structure but with combed, extra-fine yarns. This fine weave makes a semi-transparent material. This creates a lightweight and somewhat silky type of summery cloth perfect for dress. Lawn fabric usually goes through a bleaching and dyeing process that uses printed designs in various colors and patterns.

Cotton Poplin;

Poplin has raised ribs across a sturdy plain-weave structure. A long time ago, its distinctive ribbed surface came from crossing silk threads with wool threads. Today, most poplin uses 100% cotton featuring yarns with different thicknesses to get the classic ribbed surface.


Cotton velvet is a more ‘luxurious’ fabric (if you like velvet of course) and has a short pile. It is soft and velvety to touch, and drapes well so it is often used to make various clothing types. It is available in a variety of colours, and has also been known to have some stretch fibre added for more body-con styles.


Different types of cotton fabric serve as comfortable clothing, cozy home goods, or even boating and sporting aids. Cotton has a uniquely soft and breathable quality that makes it perfect for a great variety of different uses.

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