Fashion Tips to Celebrate Diwali



Diwali is a colorful festival and one of the most significant Indian holidays. It’s also known as Dhanteras or Deepavali, depending on where you live. The festival is celebrated with lights, decorations and fireworks (or “crackers”) to mark the return of Lord Rama from exile after killing Ravana and saving his wife Sita from slavery. It’s one of the most important Hindu festivals of the year and is celebrated by people all over India and other parts of South Asia. But what should you wear? We’ve got some great tips on how to choose an outfit that suits both your personality

Different ways to style Diwali Dress in Fashion;

Floral prints Dress;

Traditional outfits should be worn at the time of Diwali because they will give you a different elegant look. You can go for the Floral Print Dress These floral patterns in the dress gives you a simple, elegant and gorgeous look. For doing the Diwali pooja floral dress is a good option. However floral dress will make you the center of attraction on the Diwali pooja.

Fusion Fashion Dress;

In recent years, there has been a shift towards fusion fashion when it comes to Diwali outfits. This trend combines elements of both traditional Indian wear and modern western styles to create unique and contemporary looks. For example, pairing a saree with a crop top or adding a jacket to a kurta can give a modern twist to an otherwise traditional outfit.

Bold Prints;

2023 will see a resurgence of bold prints in ethnic wear. From intricate floral patterns to geometric designs, these prints add an element of drama and vibrancy to traditional outfits. Be it traditional dress or Festival dress, bold prints will be seen adorning them all.

Traditional Ethnic Wear:

Traditionally, Diwali celebrations involved wearing traditional Indian attire such as sarees, traditional dress. These outfits were usually made from rich fabrics like silk or velvet and adorned with intricate embroidery or embellishments. The color palette was dominated by vibrant hues like reds, oranges, pinks and yellows to symbolize happiness and prosperity.

Sustainable Fashion Dress;

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about sustainable fashion and its impact on the environment. This trend has now made its way into the world of ethnic wear as well. Designers are incorporating Eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo silk, and khadi into their collections. These fabrics not only have a lower carbon footprint but also lend a unique texture and feel to traditional outfits.

Which Fashion colors wear dress for Diwali:


No festival is ever complete without a dash of Pink. There is pink for all of us - rose, blush, salmon, coral, magenta, and hot pink. A bright coral saree with a sleeveless black blouse Slay the your beauty and also gives yourself a royal touch for this Diwali.

Ivory White;

Who doesn't like to take a shift from the classics, right? So, if you wish to pull off a plush royal look this festive season, we recommend the in-vogue color Ivory White. Coming from a minty and shiny color palette, this color with heavy designs would give you a friendly, soothin welcome the chilly winter to come.


The phrases 'minimally elegant’ and 'simple but elegant’ were handmade to define mainly four variants of Violet color - mauve, lavender, magenta, and jam. These colors are complexion-friendly and boost the beauty of any skin. By wearing these colors, you can embrace a graceful look for this Diwali.

Chocolate Brown;

With an Indian skin tone, we might have heard people saying multiple times that brown clothes with brown skin would make you look like a tree. Well, it’s time to leave those regressive thoughts in the past. A silky chocolate brown color saree paired with a lighter colored brown blouse, like caramel, toffee, or even golden, would be the best color to bring out the beautiful Indian complexion.


Talking about festivals and not including Green colors like light green, mint green, dark green, and forest green in silky or cotton textures is a mishap that you don't wanna do at a festival.


Diwali is all about having fun and being happy. As a result, would wearing black, which is associated with mourning in many Western societies, be inappropriate? Diwali is a wonderful and auspicious occasion. Black is a particularly cheerful color. If feasible, wear traditional attire.

Stylist tip: The best color to wear for Diwali is black.


Diwali is not just a festival of lights but a festival of fashion and style dress. With these top ethnic fashion trends for 2023, you can make a lasting impression during the festival and create beautiful memories while celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

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