Different Types of Buttons Used in Garments


What is Buttons?

A button is a fastener that joins two pieces of fabric together by slipping through a buttonhole. In modern clothing and fashion design, the use of the button is now very popular. Buttons can be used not only for clothing but also for wallets and bags. From this article, you will learn about different types of buttons that differ in size, shape, materials, and even the number of holes. In the 20th century, modern buttons were both decorative and functional. Buttons are used in garments as important accessories, the button is a common item used in any type of garment irrespective of category, and garments will not do functioning without a button.

Factors to consider before selecting a Button:

  • Color is an important factor. Blend or contrast both color can be used depending on the style and types of fabric used to make the garment.
  • Should launder well. The wooden or fabric buttons button can look great but will not remain the same after weekly washings.
  • Should be corrosion-free if it is made of metal.
  • The quality of the button should be checked. Wash fastness and color fastness should be great. The hardness of the button should also be checked.
  • Choose a button that will fit the clothing and placket situation.

Types of Buttons:

There are also many sorts of button in step with material. However the most ten varieties types of buttons square measure as follows:

  1. Plastic Button
  2. Metal Button
  3. Wooden Button
  4. Fabric Button
  5. Shell Button
  6. Glass Button
  7. Pearl Button
  8. Leather Button
  9. Crystal button
  10. Coconut button
  11. Ceramic button

Plastic Button:

This is the foremost fashionable among all buttons. Plastic button could be a flat button that is created of polymer, ABS, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, rosin (polyester), urea etc. This square measure low cost in value and not thus shiny. Rosin buttons square measure the foremost created plastic button within the world. These are wide employed in first-rate and shirts. In jacket and Coats larger sizes plastic buttons are used. Plastic buttons is also of 2 holes or four holes. However four hole buttons square measure counseled for youngsters things. Tonal colored threads square measure counseled to use for the sewing-machine stitch for visual confirmation of correct application for youngsters Textile and consumer goods product. A minimum of eight stitches of spun polyester thread per button hole square measure counseled to use for higher performance.

Metal Button:

This is also a popular button. Metal buttons can be made of Copper, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Iron, and Stainless Steel. These can be large or small, round or oval in size, and light or dark in color. These are mostly used in Denim and jeans, trousers, etc. These also may be of two holes or four holes. Shank buttons used in Denim are metal shanks. Metal buttons are also used in leather garments. Though now a day plastic snap buttons are available metal snaps are very popular.

Wooden Button:

Wooden buttons are made out of different types of wood. Depending on the type of wood used, they can be in different hues of brown, and have different levels of strength. They all tend to be on the stronger side, so you can easily use them on your garments. They come in different sizes and shapes from tiny 2-hole flat buttons for shirts, to large toggles for coats.

Fabric Button:

A fabric button is a button that is made of fabric or plastic buttons covered with fabric or with yarns only. It becomes very useful when you want a dress in which the color of the button and fabric will be the same. If you want to make a fabric button you should consider the wash fastness of the fabric used to make this button. Fabric buttons may be found in stripes, solid or printed designs such as stars, flowers, and even letters or logos. These buttons are mostly used in fancy dresses for women.

Shell Button:

This button is made from natural seashell materials. These buttons are comparatively heavier than other buttons. These can be of two holes or four holes. These also can be of round, oval, star, fish, flower, square, and heart-shaped. Now a day floral designs are also available. These can be used in Shirt, Vest, and Sweaters.

Glass Button:

Glass buttons square measure glassy with various shapes, sizes, and colors. These buttons will provide an additional attribute to your consumer goods because of elegant, trendy and eye catching. You ought not to be afraid concerning the safety because the glass employed in buttons could be a sturdy and scratch resistant glass.

Pearl Button:

The use of pearl buttons in different outfits is very fancy. These buttons are quite powerful, and since they come in dozen of colors and not just white or off-white, you can find pearl buttons that are beautiful and perfect for your outfits. Many buttons are made of real pearls or mother-of-pearl, also known as nacre. However, they come in a variety of shapes and colors. The selection of these can be quite effective to make any of your clothes attractive.

Leather Button:

Leather buttons add an elegant look to any outfit. These leathers may include mottled leather, woven leather, patent leather, top-sewn leather, suede leather, etc. Also, leather buttons can be round, square, rectangular, or any other shape. Genuine leather is commonly used in leather buttons, making them durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. This will help you to have a stylish look, and as a result, people will notice you.

Crystal button:

Crystal buttons are usually used as fancy and are quite glamorous and shiny to look at. Its beauty will fascinate you. It’ll enhance the beauty of your outfit so much that people will notice you. These buttons are of different shapes, but these buttons are not available and are quite expensive compared to other buttons.

Coconut button:

Coconut buttons are made out of coconut shells. They are usually available in smaller sizes, and the shade range is rather limited to light to darker browns. They have a natural texture to them, making them great for use on natural fiber materials like cottons and linens. You’ll most commonly find them in flat designs with 2 or 4 holes.

Ceramic button:

Ceramic buttons square measure made of ceramic clay. Most of those buttons square measure hand woven. Style of shapes, colours and styles square measure obtainable. These are often of spherical, star, leaf, heart, square, polygonal shape and even fish formed. Floral styles also are obtainable. These square measure employed in light-weight weight and fancy dresses.


Buttons were made to make your clothes comfortable and easy to use and nowadays, decorative buttons are used for making your outfit beautifully. Now, you have the freedom to make your outfit outstanding just with some appealing buttons as per outfit. Although, there are lots of other buttons which are made for assistance to the fabric and are widely used and discussed above in the article. You have the freedom to choose colorful buttons to make your outfit look beautiful.

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